Cumulative deepest feelings accumulated over time

Cumulative deepest feelings accumulated over time

Real good man may not be careful …. these are often in daily life will encounter ….

Men and women had greatly different , how do you say ?
Women do not always complaining Jedi remembered birthdays, anniversaries or Valentine’s Day , etc., perhaps from grandmothers to memorize first, fifteen to be a vegetarian ,
Which ancestor ‘s birth and genetic or memorial day , men are often not remember , can remember is sweet lover,
But when the important thing overall gone forever.

Woman: “Do you know what day it is ? “
Man: ” …… I do not know … “
Woman: “Today is White Day .”
Man: ” Oh .”
Woman: ” Oh ~ Come, come , you will not even together, we do not know the first day is the day , not to mention what the White Day .”
Then , hearts float shallow smile , my lover today are secretly sent me a gift of affection , the performance of this idiot , but he did not ,
And with him the day really Danru water.

Women , men and women lover this dangerous relationship maintained for some time in a woman carefully controlled , and later ~

Woman: ” how do I go to the hospital today to check , I was pregnant ? .”
Valentine : ” So what would be my right ? ? “
Woman: “I was I have with you, of course, your way ! “
Valentine : “That’s why it is not your family man child .”
Woman: ” how do you say ? “
Valentine : ” Oh, you’ll know you obediently back to him, when the child is not to end up with him , he would not know .”
Woman: ” You do not love me have said , over a lifetime and I want to do ? “
Valentine : ” ? Yeah you do not trouble trouble we’ve finished, you understand? ” And hung up the phone relentless residue under buzzing sound disconnected ,
Tinnitus seems like a confused and overwhelmed woman arguing .

Man: “You look good today, ugly uncomfortable yet ? ? “
Woman: ” …… “
Man: ” Do you want anything to drink or eat anything ? “
Woman: “Do not talk to me ! “
Man: ” how can you ignore it ? “
Woman: “I …… pregnant .”
Man: ” ? Really that I want to give you the time , because I want to be a father ! “
Woman Biechu a smile , thinking as he said it really will not find a Dumb , Panasonic had suddenly come heavy .

In this way, men and women married lover’s child was born , and it gave birth to two other men and a woman had a happy life ,
Until the day the old man died , a woman sad relic of men finishing , the man pulls out a notebook notepad
Dozens of the man ‘s life is like telling a woman curiously lined up first by year and then a local reading ……

Read met that day, the man says : “I knew a girl in my heart endless .”
Fell in love that day, the man says : “I am deeply in love with her, and she loves me .”
The first day of cohabitation , the man says : “I want to take care of her life, so I’m willing to put my house when she was her .”
The first day of pregnancy, the man says : “I remember her monthly menstruation , and very careful,
When she did not want to marry me I carefully avoid dangerous days , we did not expect to have a child . “
Then the woman , hastily turned back , God ! Men ‘s notepad , every month a special mark , though cold sweat DC
Continue to read on ……
Read the wedding day , the man says : ” I’m so happy to finally marry her .”
Gave birth to a child that day, the man says : “I am holding my baby infinite joy .”
The boss of a car accident that day, the man says : “I am anxious to hospital , watching the nurse said the injured child needs a blood transfusion ,
Without any consideration from the pumping sub- Wan did not expect this child’s blood a little strange, is not the same I have with her is different,
But I quickly as colleagues help people who have the same blood type . “
Boss in a car accident the next day, the man says : “Children finally right, although his blood type is very strange .”
The boss of the third day of the accident , the man says : “I can not bear to ask her, I really love her too love this child ,
Although his blood type is very strange. “
The boss of the fourth day of the accident , the man says : “I was hurt , but seeing the children smile rehabilitation , I do not care .”
The boss of the fifth day of the accident , the man says : ” After a very comfortable no longer care about the mind, not my child , or at least to her ,
I suppose I raised a good boy . “
Woman’s tears began to flow , she felt she was the most stupid and most happy woman , because he never asked her to perform what
Then she carefully reading ……
Read before the day of admission, the man , the man says : ” Recently always feel unwell, worried and can no longer care for her three children ,
But I’m a happy person, and loved ones can tide over a lifetime, in the end I did not know she love me , I’m just worried that there is no delay her,
So she missed her true love that person. “
Woman close the book , holding them burst into tears , as penance for men .

Smart people , like guess the heart ;
While every guessed , but lost his heart .
Silly people, like to the heart ;
Although each was laughing , but got someone else’s heart …

Some things, Some People Understand

Looked so much separation and betrayal , in fact, think that everything is so natural , when love, when you love the highest power, love is so romantic , but sometimes too extreme interpretation , perhaps someone like the desire to experience love torrents into the sea that caused a sensation, but it was the kind of steady but will remain permanent .

What is the biggest enemy of love ? Not the third, but time. Longer talk about love , break up closer you . The longer cohabitation , marriage farther away from you . Love Forever and Ever wanted only two ways , or death , so that love becomes eternal Juelian . Either marriage, put love into interdependent family, the most important matter only. True Love Quotes

Author: Bagande

Author: Bagande (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In fact , love, always been a thousand things and turns back , not been abandoned, have not been hurt , how to understand love . Love and hate it just an idea, if destined to come together eventually stumbling all the way , but there must be a man who wants to make concessions , people say that is a long distance farther , farther short of life , but farther shallow never love.

Today, I’m sorry , but in the original satire I love you, yes I will never forget you, or you can not remember me.

When you really feel hurt , I can only really be used on behalf of your loved one in the past , but now has found no need for the retention , heartache and shadows will be with you for some time or a lifetime , after all, you have no doubt , to hold hands and grow old . But you have to believe in love when he really put the love, not love, when he really dead set on giving up , maybe he did not fool you! Has been giving you the most authentic self .

And now all made ​​vows have become death , has been as superficial general. But you have now become the most familiar stranger , and ye will ye love one another will not become enemies, the damage to the other party will not let you become friends . When you go through a period feel inappropriate , you might learn more about what they want the other half , when you face betrayed you will be more aware , people will become incredible, you will be more difficult to accept a people love a person, you’d be hard put hearts preparedness, fear deeper hurt , but there will always be a person to believe in a certain corner holding your hand , take you away from the shackles , so you get released. Reincarnation of the road by no means smooth , will encounter good times , will deal with adversities , we must learn to face setbacks, sees himself as a way to hone their customer frustration , this will let you hone grow , thanks to deceive your grace is that he grew your wisdom , thanks to people who hurt you , he honed your mind and want to thank your contempt is his sober up your self-esteem, make you more courage to prove themselves, thanks to abandon you, he let you learn to be independent .

Undoubtedly, the most difficult to deal with feelings and precious things. When all was quiet , you will find the most important thing is to have a loved one in the side, when asked about his life the happiest thing is what , Gates and Robin Li’s answer is not to create your own Microsoft and Baidu , but it ended their favorite people . So when you love someone , do not give up, even if he is not the last to hold your hand when you get better Do not give up after you lose not only seems to have no place in your heart for her, but is the kind of love he had been denied and trampled upon.

When everything is looking dull , you will feel you have found another way of life , he felt the original life there can be such a living law . While some want to see things happen , you will complain about giving up too , feel that happiness betray myself , but if there is no separation of betrayal ugly , how be true love . So please try a love in love , do not head down, do not be afraid of youth disappear , they no longer believe in the simple dreams !

You will, one day you will be happy !

Love you so much

Nap woke up , cold body uncomfortable , whenever this time , the mood is particularly low, this time you want to come on my side , I do not want any words , just want a hug , I think, that I would be very peace of mind, do not wake up every so uncomfortable . However, I know that is impossible , so I can only wake up alone , curled up in the corner, watching your board with QQ Avatar daze , whether you’re online or not , but I can not find you to talk, I do not know what is the reason , perhaps afraid to disturb you, maybe you’re not afraid to look at cell phone, I’m afraid I’ll wait for your reply , until his sad.
I do not know what I wanted to say , I can only think of what to say anything. I would like to work with you or with friends to talk about his own mind , but I did not express any complete thoughts , only in my words , so that I can speak my mind without fear of messy his thoughts. Sweet Love Quotes 

Love on My Mind (Freemasons song)

Love on My Mind (Freemasons song) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You often say that I have mental problems , and I think I was crazy. Sometimes I can not understand my actions , because I do not like the former , because your appearance , sometimes I do not know myself , I feel my emotions , my mood is simply not controlled entirely by you control , I think this is not good , always you turn around , I’m afraid you are tired , I’m afraid you’re afraid , afraid you can not stand . But I really so hard to control myself , I can not , there are two villains in mind often wrestle with, what is this and should not , I know I can not bother you too much , you should have your own space , you still have a lot of their things to do , I have to do should have been standing silently behind you to support you, tired, I can give you a little comfort , but, but , I always let it worry you , I’m sorry too , I hate that kind of yourself, increase your not happy, I hate that kind of hate myself, perhaps , too much love you, let me become so selfish, I guess I should not have , you are not my own , you or your family , and is your friend , I can not monopolize all of your time and space , I can not put my love into another injury to you , I think I believe you, I want to give you some space and time. I will give you my best love , the deepest love.
Where where you often say you bad , I want to say , I love this one of you, no matter how bad you are , no one can replace you in my heart the location , I love you , love you, this is an indisputable the fact that no matter how you like , I will stay with you , even if you leave , I will remain in place waiting for you. Because I love you. Will always have to love. I know I’m bad , a lot of bad, but I am willing to change yourself into your favorite look , I just hope you do not leave me, I’m afraid , once without you, my world would collapse, I afraid without you I can not happy, I’m afraid without you I would give myself. Dear, forgive me, love you so much .
Many times you say you understand my behavior , because I care about you too love you, love to able to extricate themselves , I do not deny that this is true, I really have no way to not love you, do not care about you . I know I’m not good , many are not like other girls , but I certainly will try to do , you love that look, I wish to see you smile every day face, every day to see what you really open happy, I know it is difficult , very difficult . But when you are irritable , sad, I hope you will remember that a person has been , she was distressed you , your troubles are troubles . I hope I bring you a happy, beautiful. I do not want to become a burden to you , my dear, you upset when I hope to help you share , I am willing to listen to when you were , if you want a man quietly , then I ‘ll be good, give you quiet, I will wait you feel good way, if I can not make you happy , can not push me, I’ll stay quiet around you , then do not vexatious . Good, darling.
You said no need to let people know we are together, do not deliberately go performance . Well, as long as you stay with me , how are good. Although I do not mind … In fact, I would like to come with you , and your friends, or play with my friends , but think about it does not matter , have you, fine. Perhaps, you really are not used to it … uh … let me to get used to your habits …
You say you do not want to be a man of tomorrow , not after man. You say you have not even thought about his own future , but also how to think about our future , and I know you will not have any commitment , I do not promise , and you say I am silly or, say I’m stupid , too. I was so , and you do not want the future , then I do not want to , because without you I do not know how the future I think . You say the future is unknown, since it is unknown , it is possible that I could have been at your side , right , right . So , I want to believe in the future . I do not care I finally like what , I recognize that I will not leave my mind could not have left , it is loaded full of you, I can not so. Honey, I hope you can forgive me, I do not know how we go, I only know that without you, I will not be happy , my happiness is to have you every day.
I also aspire to the kind of so-called good after , but I want to say without you I’d rather not like that then, no matter where , in any case , as long as I have you , is my greatest consolation , only you can give me full full peace of mind. I love you, not about your appearance , not about what the background , not about what a bunch of garbage , I love you , yes you are, my love for you is beyond my imagination , no matter what happens I just want to always stay by your side. Been .
No matter how your mind changes , changes in how you feel , do not push me good. I’m really scared scared, you once again as the same day , stay away, I’m afraid, my mind a blank … I can not live without you …
Each time with you , I am very relieved. Every time you want to separate from you , I am very sad, very sad . You say, made ​​it like a life to death , like doing, huh , that you could not bear it Well … why every time you say you are about to come out or let you accompany me , I always want to approach it in that noisy , I do not want that , and I think I really live up to expectations , even about your courage are not, I do not know why, I think I ‘m useless … it is useless … you say I can do besides eat , you ‘re wrong , I do not think are good to eat , I think you still want every day except you, you say I am sick , I think I have sick , otherwise how would you mind is full , all you have class miss you, miss you after class , you also want to listen to music , eating, like you, have dreamed of even sleep with you … and friends often absent-minded , I’m thinking about again because an inattentive you … eating is a major event, I would love to go with you all sorts of goodies , and I want to come with us to play, to go fly a kite, see the flowers, go to any place , I often imagined with you together, play together, with the crazy … the final conclusion, I would think , where I can not get out , can stay by your side like a … good selfish Oh, I also think , I know not matter, you still have a lot to do it , rest assured , dear , I’ll be good, give you space to do your own thing , and you can be together , I will fiercely cherish every minute .
Unconsciously time had gone Oh, I still have a lot left to say , one time actually lots to talk about it. Honey, I hope you a happy heart , every time I see you smile I feel so happy so happy, very happy … I like staring at you , perhaps, in your opinion, I like crazy, like , but I think looking at you I feel so happy , it is a pleasure, especially when see you smile . Hey … I want to say I love hold you pinch == Although thin, but feel good , of course , it also requires courage.
Honey, do not know what you are doing to meet almost every day pinching ~ Although , I still always wanted How about you every day … then I will obediently …
I love you , darling.

I ll give you my innocence this lifetime

Tonight, warm moonlight poured a pot of warm cooling memories,

By the dim light reach out and touch you.

I’m not going to arrange for me to go to that game feast,

Only to re-read your youthful edge.

Ef: A Fairy Tale of the Two.

Ef: A Fairy Tale of the Two. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I carefully,

The crystal ball deep love keeping everything,

Keep the ball broken, quietly into the mud.

There I write this shore spectrum I, for you to pull a beautiful fairy tale.

Life, I gave you all the innocent,

Only to a shortage of spring left to their own. Touching Quotes


No matter where you are,

I silently as you are willing to put up a worry-free world.

I really do not want to see you fall on the firmament of melancholy.

For you, I write to make a dream travels autumn rain and poetic.


I will not give up halfway!

Because, love the pace once taken will no longer go beyond recovery.


If one day I lost you,

I must severely cursed myself!

If heaven without you,

I’d rather go to hell!


Perhaps, that an agreement is always within the foreseeable future;

Perhaps, after kissing the last traces remain in the merciless annihilation ditches.

I could not hesitate,

If wrong, wrong in the end,

Even a few pear into Fei Xu,

Even the Spirit of love finally escape the fireworks and easy cold ending.


Life and is willing to make every change you life bustling truth tear drop.

Let me waiting in the encounter place,

Forget the sorrows and joys Riverside clear water,

Spectrum for me every night humming a love song you grown old,

Until I can not breathe ……

Goodbye, My Love

Say break up , or what happened late last month , on February 27 , special arrived from his home city X , just to keep a promise, promised him , whether the city is also not return back X work , be sure to see him. Information in the afternoon, he said he would like to , until the car, still not hearing from him , and he has long been accustomed to this attitude , luggage bags to go to his quarters , quite a long way , the package is very heavy , I suddenly felt very wronged , and with him so long, he has never done a thing for their own initiative . Almost to his quarters downstairs , only received his call, hurried to open the door to help me put the bag down and put up , Part Two days, and to meet again and not too many topics, such as the care he is still busy online, I it is boring to lie down pretending to sleep, in fact, I had expected the situation would be like this , but my heart will still be uncomfortable with, he was not even a concern , then did not.

Time to more than six , his roommate came back, I got my mom ‘s phone, she drives me to go back to city A , and my heart still hesitating whether or not to stay at night ? He still does not speak, I hid under the covers has been heartbroken, wondering what he was thinking to myself ? If you do not care about the feelings that out, I will leave, disappear in his world , I think of the days we were together , because he was busy with work , or to accompany a friend to drink, but no time to accompany me ; him because tired , and even a phone call did not ; because he would face in front of colleagues you love me numerous times asking the question ; I always silent on this , if I cry, trouble, he will use sad expression that you want to understand me, have repeatedly thought about breaking up , he said, I will be sad ! Afraid he would hurt, how many day and night , I secretly cry alone , he an ‘I love you’, but never thought my feelings , do not want to bear such a selfish love, like a lot, a lot ! Decided to leave. Lost Love Quotes

The Thinking Man sculpture at Musée Rodin in Paris

The Thinking Man sculpture at Musée Rodin in Paris (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Told him , I’m going, he did not even Touyemeihui , Enliaoyisheng continue Landlords, I can not help the tears flow out of fear , running for the door , close the door the moment , he asked a roommate concerned , do you want to send to send ? I was strong Yen Hui the sentence: no. Stairs , walking on the road , tears have been off the hook, the second time, on this road crying dilute miles right friends , I remember the last is a rainy day , he says drunk, I send him to eat go , the phone can be very gentle and persuade his friend ‘s girlfriend , has been yelling at me , and I went downstairs angry umbrella walking on the road at any Kuchu sound, now only head down to walk , afraid that others will see me crying face.

Went to the site, and on to the A city car, the state was restored , laugh yourself silly , specially came all the way to please the boring , thought I had done it many times his disappointment ; countless times thought he said stay with me ! I was desperate to guard beside him , besides I do not know where to go next , all I want more, people do not care about it ! Car to cross the X- City A city toll station , decided to give him additional information : promised you , and I have done it . We break up ! Car continued walking until the car, stayed two days in the city A , and has not been heard from him any reply , a few minutes at the end of the last day of the cornet canceled, pack up, longing C City ; Goodbye, my love.

About Love Poems

About Love

A diya - Indian oil lamp.

A diya – Indian oil lamp. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This world,
What are ancient,
Only love,
But forever young;

This world,
Filled with treacherous,
Only love,
But never innocent;
Quotes About Life And Love

As long as there is love,
Fish swim in the water,
Birds flying in the sky,
Night also transparent;

Lost love,
Broken chord piano,
No oil lamp,
Summer cold.

I Love You Quotes


This Valentine’s Day
let’s not spend a fortune
on gifts for each other…
But I know how
you hate to be told what to do!
I Love You Quotes 


Missing you so much it hurts!
I hear the creaking
in my heart sometimes,
is that what hurts so much?


I miss you like the sun misses the flowers,
like the sun misses the flowers in the depths of winter,
instead of beauty to direct it’s light to,
the heart hardens like the frozen world
which your absence has banished me to.


A man reserves his true and deepest love
not for the species of woman in whose
company he finds himself
electrified and enkindled,
but for that one in whose
company he may feel tenderly drowsy..


It’s when you shed tears yet you still care;
it’s when you’re ignored yet you still long;
it’s when he begins to love another yet
you still smile and say “I’m happy for you.”

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