Goodbye, My Love

Say break up , or what happened late last month , on February 27 , special arrived from his home city X , just to keep a promise, promised him , whether the city is also not return back X work , be sure to see him. Information in the afternoon, he said he would like to , until the car, still not hearing from him , and he has long been accustomed to this attitude , luggage bags to go to his quarters , quite a long way , the package is very heavy , I suddenly felt very wronged , and with him so long, he has never done a thing for their own initiative . Almost to his quarters downstairs , only received his call, hurried to open the door to help me put the bag down and put up , Part Two days, and to meet again and not too many topics, such as the care he is still busy online, I it is boring to lie down pretending to sleep, in fact, I had expected the situation would be like this , but my heart will still be uncomfortable with, he was not even a concern , then did not.

Time to more than six , his roommate came back, I got my mom ‘s phone, she drives me to go back to city A , and my heart still hesitating whether or not to stay at night ? He still does not speak, I hid under the covers has been heartbroken, wondering what he was thinking to myself ? If you do not care about the feelings that out, I will leave, disappear in his world , I think of the days we were together , because he was busy with work , or to accompany a friend to drink, but no time to accompany me ; him because tired , and even a phone call did not ; because he would face in front of colleagues you love me numerous times asking the question ; I always silent on this , if I cry, trouble, he will use sad expression that you want to understand me, have repeatedly thought about breaking up , he said, I will be sad ! Afraid he would hurt, how many day and night , I secretly cry alone , he an ‘I love you’, but never thought my feelings , do not want to bear such a selfish love, like a lot, a lot ! Decided to leave. Lost Love Quotes

The Thinking Man sculpture at Musée Rodin in Paris

The Thinking Man sculpture at Musée Rodin in Paris (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Told him , I’m going, he did not even Touyemeihui , Enliaoyisheng continue Landlords, I can not help the tears flow out of fear , running for the door , close the door the moment , he asked a roommate concerned , do you want to send to send ? I was strong Yen Hui the sentence: no. Stairs , walking on the road , tears have been off the hook, the second time, on this road crying dilute miles right friends , I remember the last is a rainy day , he says drunk, I send him to eat go , the phone can be very gentle and persuade his friend ‘s girlfriend , has been yelling at me , and I went downstairs angry umbrella walking on the road at any Kuchu sound, now only head down to walk , afraid that others will see me crying face.

Went to the site, and on to the A city car, the state was restored , laugh yourself silly , specially came all the way to please the boring , thought I had done it many times his disappointment ; countless times thought he said stay with me ! I was desperate to guard beside him , besides I do not know where to go next , all I want more, people do not care about it ! Car to cross the X- City A city toll station , decided to give him additional information : promised you , and I have done it . We break up ! Car continued walking until the car, stayed two days in the city A , and has not been heard from him any reply , a few minutes at the end of the last day of the cornet canceled, pack up, longing C City ; Goodbye, my love.


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